XV Años


Every Latin girl dreams of her Quinces or Quinceañera fiesta which is the celebration of her fifteenth birthday. As important as their wedding, a girl’s XVs is a rite of passage where she transforms from a girl and blossoms into a beautiful woman.

Planning for a Quince takes months and it’s not an easy task. A vaporous, ornate dress in a rainbow of hues with an embroidered corset bodice showing her figure, fancy high heel shoes, a sparkling tiara and special jewelry are some of the items a girl gets for this day.

Usually, the celebration starts with a religious ceremony at a church. It is traditional for the Quinceañera to choose her closest friends as her court of honor. They get to share the spotlight with her. The whole group practice for weeks all the special dances they will perform that magical night.

At the ball, typically held at a fancy banquet hall, hundreds of guests wine and dine while congratulating the birthday girl. After dinner, a formal introduction of the Quinceañera and her court is performed. Right after so, she dances her main waltz along with the other prepared dances. The most common are the coronation dance, the father and daughter slow dance, the last doll dance, the toast dance, and the 15 rose dance with the closest male members of the family.

After these are over, she rushes back to the dressing room to change into something lighter that allows her more movement. That’s when the MC or the DJ announces to the crowd she’s ready for the surprise dance. This is actually a mix of slow and fast choreographed songs that showcase her ability for dancing and talent for performing. At the end of the show, she opens the ballroom floor for everyone so they can also enjoy it.

While the resonating music blares on, the guests and family dance late into the night. The Quinceañera, full with new found confidence and looking like a Princess, radiates an inner beauty that had never been seen before. Everyone around her realizes she’s made her transition from a little girl to into a young woman.

Below you can see some samples of XVs we had the honor to be part of.

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